Friday, December 25, 2015

The Venus Factor – A Proven Weight Loss Program for Women

Introduction - The Venus Factor is the one of the best weight loss plan specifically designed to increase female metabolism, reducing the increased weight, resizing the body to generate a perfect shape that everyone craves for. This program is the systematic and stepwise approach to achieve the desired figure without much trouble. The reason behind the success of such a unique program is its capability to identify the cause of obesity and to reduce it considerably. The program, if strictly followed, reduces the resistance to leptin in the body, thereby works in the direction of burning the fat efficiently, provided that the diets are taken accordingly.
Product Description - The Venus Factor provides a strict schedule of diet and a complete workout for the initial 12 weeks. The manual or the instruction booklet contains all the necessary details of diets that help in weight loss. The online learning videos provide an exact way to perform the workouts to gain maximum outputs and burn calories and fats from the target areas. The Venus Factor also provides a software application named "Virtual Nutritionist", that calculates the intake of calories to the maximum possible efficiency. This program also incorporates a wide social network where the consumers can discuss their issues. In a way, it satisfies all the requirements for destroying extra weight.

Pros and Cons of the Venus Factor Program

Pros -
(1) This program provides a unique way to reduce fats by lowering the leptin level that is scientifically proved and effective.
(2) The program is intense, progressive and systematic that helps in burning fats, not muscle.
(3) The online videos help in understanding all the details, and the online community keeps the consumers focused, encouraged, and supported.
(4) The workout plans designed are extremely flexible and can be implemented at home, or at the gym. The nutritional plans work explicitly producing results within a few weeks.
(5) The program has a sixty-day money back guarantee that speaks about the confidence of the company in the product.

Cons -
(1) To get adequate results, constant and continuous motivation is needed. It is the reason many of the women often quit this program.
(2) It is a long-running program that can extend up to four months.

Verdict - The Venus Factor System requires time and commitment for optimal results. The results have been quite satisfactory realizing the fact that many women are quite satisfied. It is based on a sound diet and workout protocol along with the addition of practical applications, videos, and social community. The uniqueness of this plan revolves around overcoming leptin resistance in women to enhance their fat burning capabilities. This factor is coupled with the reverse calorie strategy that makes the Venus Factor an adequate diet, fat loss, body shaping and fitness program for women, the only condition being a strict routine. Women have undergone life changing fat loss results using the Venus Factor. This product can be highly recommended for women chasing a distant dream of a perfect and hourglass figure.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

How much can you trust on dieting pills for weight loss?

All gain it slowly over months and years, but everyone wants to get rid of it over a fortnight. Well, it is not possible to lose weight both fast and safely. Chose either one of them. But, if one has to quickly reduce their extra fat, dieting pills are one of the few best effective ways to get back in shape.

Those who have a tight schedule and are too busy with work to engage in a routine exercise session, for them, dieting pills hold the best preferable option. If anyone is planning to go for pills, it would be better to take an advice of a specialist, as every pill can act differently depending on the age, body structure and medical history of the person. Every diet pill, whether expensive or at an affordable price, has a potential for a side effect. Most of the time, it affects the heart or results in obesity in the long run. Interacting with people who have used weight loss drugs can give a better idea. Venus Factor’s instructions help you to burn your fat with ease.

How do Pills work?

Weight loss drugs either suppress the appetite or it help to neutralize carbohydrates and burn body fat accumulated in the muscles. When the carbohydrate absorbing meal is consumed, it can burn up to 500 calories and that too depends on the type of the pills. Some drugs block crabs and that too keeping the flow of vitamins, fibers and minerals in the body. But these drugs are not destined to eradicate or treat any form of disease.

Types of Diet Pills


Prescription Diet Pills

Prescription diet pills are often referred by doctors and specialists. It is consumed as an anti dot of obesity. It thrives best results when taken as guided by the doctor. It should be taken regularly with healthy food diet. Solely depending on this pill without proper food dieting will result in demoralizing results.

Non Prescription diet Pills

This type of drugs is used without any doctor’s prescription. These are basically referred by gym instructors. But before opting for such pills, go for a weight check and then keep in mind not to follow a healthy diet and don’t make yourself under weight.

A good and healthy food discipline is very important to keep the body strong and fit along with in-taking weight loss pills.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Yoga – An approach to lose weight naturally

No diet pills, no strict food discipline, no painful long hours at gym. All you have to do is devote an hour to yoga daily. It is probably till now, the best proved way to get rid of extra pounds in a proper manner, helping you to get fit and beautiful in all the way possible.

Yoga is one of the world’s most ancient practices that keeps the human body on scrutiny and eradicate physical inappropriateness. It not only shapes the body, but also distresses mentally and help improving breathing, leading to healthy lungs.

What causes fat and how yoga deals with it?

In some cases, genes are the culprit and in some, poor lifestyle and unhealthy food habit increases the body fat. Yoga is always the best option available for losing weight as it is the natural process that involves no consumption of harmful chemical compositions of dieting pills or weight loss drugs.

Below are some yogas to help you get rid of extra fat:


Setu Bnadh

To practice this, one has to lie down on back by bending knees in a way to rest the feet on the floor. Take care of the distance between the rear and feet. It should be equal to the hands. The fat accumulated in the thigh and lower back is burned by this yoga. 



Take the vajrasana position. Fist your both hands and place the hands on your stomach in a way that touches the navel jointly. Bend downwards and try to touch the ground with your forehead. Hold this position for 20 seconds and then relax.



This asana is also called bow position. Lie down on the floor with the sole support of your belly. Place your hand beside your chest and lift them up to touch your legs. Grip the leg tight. The whole position is balanced on the tight grip and the strength of your lungs to withhold the breath.



One has to lie on the floor with your hands below your thighs at a relaxing pose. Try lifting your leg ten inches above. Keep it straight. Don’t bend it, even if you feel a little stress on the muscles. Do the same exercise with the other leg as well. And at the conclusion practice it both the legs.